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Bachelor Dissertation / Interface Design

I developed an interactive service system for supermarkets, which checks food towards customers’ allergies and intolerances. The customer could evaluate their favorited products by using the touch screen terminal which supports their weekly grocery shopping.

Year: 2011
Note: No commissional work, own idea
Tasks: Conception, Interface Design, Flash Prototype
Award: 1st Prize eResult Usability-Contest Design Award
image: Concept visualization : terminal in supermarket

Concept visualization : terminal in supermarket

Case film (German)

image: Sketchbook: icon development

Sketchbook: icon development

image: Sketchbook: terminal development

Sketchbook: terminal development

image: Visualization: product scan instruction

Visualization: product scan instruction

image: Visualization: groundplan supermarket

Visualization: groundplan supermarket

image: Concept book: logo development

Concept book: logo development